Building Preservation Project

Infrastructure Improvements and Projects Committee (IIPC)

The IIPC, made up of 24 appointed legislative members, is the result of bipartisan legislation that Pennsylvania State Representative Jared Solomon and former State Representative Wendi Thomas passed to implement legacy infrastructure projects across the Commonwealth in preparation for the nation’s Semiquincentennial in 2026. The legislation—House Bill 1952—will lay the groundwork for identifying projects to begin and/or complete by 2026.

The Improvements & Projects Committee members include:

Pennsylvania State Senators – Kristin Phillips-Hill, Wayne Langerholc, Devlin Robinson, Lynda Schlegel Culver , David Argall, Chris Gebhard, Steve Santarsiero, Lisa Boscola, Marty Flynn, Jay Costa, Wayne Fontana, and Sharif Street.

Pennsylvania State Representatives – Jared Solomon, Robert Merski, Eddie Day Pashinski, Anita Kulik, David Madsen, Paul Takac, Martina White, Marci Mustello, Parke Wentling, Tim Twardzik, Aaron Kaufer, and Kerry Benninghoff.

The House and Senate members will meet and collaborate to review and select potential legacy projects or improvements in their regions.
The goal is to engage all 67 counties to change the infrastructure landscape of Pennsylvania.

On August 29, 2023 the Reading Area Firefighters Museum made a presentation before the Infrastructure Improvements and Projects Committee for America 250 Pa. Below is a copy of the written testimony and the project proposal. The Reading Area Firefighters Museum is seeking funding to complete the necessary building improvements to make the building ADA compliant and to reopen the third floor to the public.  The Museum has put together a proposal for the IIPC committee to review for consideration of funding.

Project Testimony – PDF Download

Project Proposal– PDF Download